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Parents Role in Developing a Child’s Emotional Intelligence

The books at Everfield Press model positive ways to manage feelings.  They help children cope with the world through a strong development of one’s emotional inner life.  When a child can cope with feelings of Fear, Anger, Love, Sadness, Happiness, Annoyance, boredom, and amazement, they become strong citizens of the world who learn to trust and accept the world around themselves and especially trust their inner compass.  The inner light of each of us is what guides us to do the right thing at times when the outside world can be confusing.  Taking time to work with the way we feel inside empowers all of us to cope with our world.  Sometimes it is hard to figure out exactly what is going on with your child on a day to day basis.  Having a regular reading time together with books that explore the inner workings of our feelings

Most parents want to be perfect parents.  There is not one parent who is perfect.  The role parents play in their child’s emotional intelligence is paramount.  Children see their parents as models for coping with the world.  While parents are busy parenting, it is so easy to forget about that role.  It is people like Fred Rogers who reminds parents to slow down and remember what is important for children in their emotional development.  The world will continue to spin, but the dance we make upon it depends on the rhythm and the beat of the music we play around us.  It is parents who set the tone and decide upon what music a child will listen to in their early years.  Being a parent has not made me an expert.  It has humbled me.  It has humbled me because I know each day is a new day, and my child is a human being with her own experience of the world that I must learn how to instill confidence, patience, appreciation, love, respect, generosity, praise, honesty, security, justice, and the value of friendship. Showing my child that I believe in these positive qualities by what I say and do is the best way to get them to absorb them.

So, at the end of a long day at work, after your child has eaten dinner, taken a bath, and is ready for bed, start a reading routine.  Tuck them in gently.  Sit beside their bed with a book.  Have a reading light next to the bed.  Look at the words and the pictures together.  Have a discussion with your child about their feelings as you read a book with them.  The process of being read to will develop their sense of language and build a tonal bond between you and your child like no other.  You and your child will be building an emotional history together that will be there for both of you when times get tough and when joy springs forth. You may be setting the tone for the music of your relationship you make together today.  One day, they will be directing the emotional music of their own lives in ways that will be harmonizing with the orchestra of life in ways you cannot now even imagine.




If you are a kid, or a kid at heart this page is for you.  Do you ever feel something inside of yourself that you can not explain?  You are not alone.  Making sense of what is going on inside of us is something that we all need to do.  If we take time to do it together, it can be a lot of fun.

One of the ways I like to explore my feelings is through painting.  When I get out my paintbrushes and my paints, I feel a sense of freedom.  I can decide to paint whatever color I want.  I can decide what it means to me once I paint on the page.  Soon the painted picture becomes a little tiny piece of what I was feeling right there in front of me on the page. You can paint what you are feeling inside on a page in front of you too.  It is really easy to do.  Just get a piece of paper, a paper plate for mixing colors, red, yellow, blue, black, and white tempera paints, a paintbrush and water.

Close your eyes and think of a feeling that you have right now or an important feeling that you had before.  Take time to breathe and see in your mind’s eye what it is you want to be your focus.  Paint your feelings on your paper.  Once you have your painted picture, look at it carefully.  Did you learn how the feelings you have on the inside might look on the outside?  Do you feel better about your feelings since you can see them on paper?

Talk to your mom or dad about your feelings.  You might find that they have feelings similar to yours.  Ask them to join you and paint a picture of their feelings.

Would you like to share your paintings with more people?  If you send your paintings to Everfield Press,  We will share them on this website.  We may even share them in a youtube video about Emotatudes.

You will find that understanding your feelings will bring you much happiness.  For this reason, every March 20, Everfield Press will be awarding a painting of a feeling by anyone aged 2-122 with a free set of Emotatude Books, and an Amazon gift certificate.

In 2012 the first ever UN conference on Happiness took place, and the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which decreed that the International Day of Happiness would be observed every year on 20 March. The United Nations celebrated it for the first time in 2013.

Please send your painting using tempera paint, 8 ½ x 11” paper in a 9×12” envelop, with a self-addressed stamped return envelop to:

19005 SW 13th Ave

Newberry, FL


Everfield Press may include your art in our youtube show “Dealing with Feelings.!”

P.S. Please include the attached release form if you are a minor.