Dawn Admire-Sanders, Diana Crow-Wheel and Dr. Cauhilla Red Elk


Diana Crow-Wheel is the author and a teacher and artist. She is also a Water Protector and Activist for the Earth. She stands among the many women, mothers, and grandmothers who carry the medicine of the water. She is investing in future generations by spreading this story

Dawn Admire-Sanders is the co-author. She was a keyboard warrior for Standing Rock, a mom, and an activist.  She lives in Florissant, Colorado.

Dr. Cauhilla Red Elk, is a CEO at the Center On Human Rights Advocacy and American Indian Law in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been a supportive voice in this project

Jessica Lyn Elkins


 Jessica Lyn Elkins grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle. She moved to New Mexico in 1968 with her husband and two young children. She earned a BA in Geography and Biology from the University of New Mexico and graduated from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a Master of Arts in Liberal Education. A varied career path included stints as a general contractor, ice cream shop owner and human resources manager for multi-line automobile dealerships. Jessica Lyn and her husband Richard relocated to Gainesville, Florida in 2010. Her first novel The Friend in Question, a story of friendship and fateful coincidences, was published in 2015. A Coyote Taught Me Poetry, a collection of poetry and short prose, was completed in 2016.  She finds inspiration for her writing in the diversity of the natural world and the complexity of human relationships. 

Elaine Beem Robinson


 Elaine Beem Robinson is the Author and illustrator of several children’s stories that highlight the wonder and beauty of our world. Her book Uncommon Scents is a story of friendship, respect, and compassion that models the importance of understanding the strength of our differences.  She is retired from the University of Florida after 30 years in the field of research microbiology.  She lives in Gainesville Florida along with husband Ron, Snuffy the Schnauzer, and several racehorses, also retired, in the field of grass 

Grace G. Greenlee


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Christi Grace Porter


Christian Grace Porter is an Author and Illustrator of the ‘Emotatude’ series of children’s books.  She loves to draw, and paint.  She also likes to draw horses and perform color guard.  She is a member of 4H, and attends Queen of Peace Middle School.  She is a fan of all animals including chickens, goats, dogs, cats, and horses.  She is an English horse rider and loves to participate in horse shows.  Her favorite thing to do indoors is play the piano.  She is a beginner, flute, violin, trombone, and guitar player and loves to try new musical instruments. 

Karen White Porter


 Karen White Porter is a Director of Loga Springs Academy and a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. After graduating from Rutgers University with a Masters Degree in language education, she started teaching children. It was then that she realized the importance of emotional intelligence among her students. Having taught around the world gave her insight into to the importance of the emotional underpinnings of how all people learn. She has taught at East China Normal University in Shanghai, P.R. China, Hofstra University in Hempstead N.Y., Hillside Public Schools in New Jersey, Saint Andrews University in Saint Andrews Scotland, Belcher Elementary in Clearwater Florida, The University of South Florida, The State University of Florida, and Loga Springs Academy. She started her own school Loga Springs Academy in Gainesville, Florida because she wanted to build her own curriculum that builds emotional intelligence. She was inspired by her students as they went on this educational journey with her. After working for over 25 years helping young people identify their feelings and learning passions, she decided she wanted to provide tools to build emotional intelligence to a wider audience. She is now developing a book series that help children deal with their feelings in concrete terms. She has co-authored several books with her daughter about feelings in her ‘Emotatude’ series. Her most recent and popular works are How to be Heebie Jeebie Free, What to do When you get the Bejeebers Scared Out of You, The Secret of Warm Fuzzies, Picking Up the Pieces of a Kanipshun Fit, and Turtle One and Turtle Two. Her Abby’s Read Along Sing Along Picture Books are still used as classroom readers in Pinellas County Schools. She has developed several children’s book series and is currently working to bring them to print for a wider audience