About Us


At Everfield Press, we believe the development of emotional intelligence empowers children to have positive emotional connections in their world. Building emotional intelligence builds strong civically minded communities. We want to develop heart-centered learning for all children that maintains a safe, inclusive and positive school environment. That is why we focus on books that help children discern feelings to support their emotional life. This will create positive outcomes in the home, classroom, and community.

We partner with districts and schools to help include emotional intelligence in the curriculum. Please join us as we continue our mission to bring emotional literacy to your students – one school at a time, and one child at a time. We believe that the development of a robust emotional intelligence is at the very heart of every community’s success. Children who understand their emotions and the emotions of others will grow up to be compassionate adults who build community and support one another.


A Strong, Positive Understanding of Feelings

A strong positive understanding of feelings when we are young gives us tools to navigate life. This press is developing literature for children to explore their inner life in ways that will help them become strong compassionate citizens of tomorrow.As James Baldwin once said, reading great literature helps you “discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” How can we teach children that they belong to  a community where empathy is valued? The foundations of emotional literacy can be built early with a conscious effort. It can be tough to find books that help children deal with topics of grief, loss, depression, anger, and bullying. We provide a library of books for young children that will help them relate to the feelings of others as well as their own. We want reading to be an exercise in empathy and walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.  The books that Everfield Press publishes help children cope with feelings, and explore their inner world at every level of development. 

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