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Dear Librarians and Educators, as a former teacher (who integrated Emotional Intelligence Competencies into her classrooms since 1985), I understand that now more than ever before we need to encourage children to be emotionally intelligent.  A child’s emotional intelligence and compassion for one another is the seed every educator helps to plant that will grow into a supportive community.

  First children need to respect themselves and others before they feel safe enough to trust their learning environment. If we could only have more materials that focus on these skills as part of academic instruction teaching these skills would be easy. That’s why I’ve created Everfield Press which has literature and nonfiction works which build emotional intelligence, and compassion for others and the environment.

Content investigations in this body of literature which matches academic literacy standards too. The contextually imbedded activities will make learning fun. With more than 100 digital and print stories in my portfolio, and experience teaching every grade from PreK-12, I’m a flexible presenter. I’ve taught high school English and summer writing workshops for middle schoolers, worked for Rutgers University’s Program in American Language Studies camps, St. Andrews University, and East China Normal University, and held lectures for college students training to become teachers at the University of Florida. I am happy to present to large or small groups and can adjust the content of my presentation for younger or older audiences. If you are interested in a topic, I am happy to tailor a presentation to meet the request. When you hire me for a full day visit, I am yours for the day, and you are welcome to form a schedule that works for everyone. I can speak to any group size. The ultimate goal is that my visit is a fun extension of learning, not a distraction or loss of instructional time. I’m on your side! Whether or not I’m able to visit you in person, I’ve taken the time to compile resources that correspond with my books. You can find them at Thank you for the opportunity to share my love of science, social studies, reading, writing, and art with your students. Regards, Karen Porter

SCHOOL VISITS with Karen Porter Now booking through 2019! Children’s author Karen Porter has worked with over 100 schools and libraries to build student literacy, Turtle One and Turtle Two, kindled preschoolers curiosity about the importance of following directions and the consequences of different choices. Viewed as “creative, imaginative, and inspirational,” Karen Porter’s school and library presentations engage students in activities that value children’s inner life and connect it seamlessly to age-appropriate curricular topics. In addition to her adventurous nonfiction early grades chapter books, A Mexican Christmas and The Adventures of Moppet explore cross-cultural communication and the importance of compassion for others. 

Karen’s updated 2018-2019 presentations incorporate her newest fiction and upcoming nonfiction titles as well, to give kids a diverse sense of wordplay, wonder, and possibility. To reserve a date or inquire about custom programming, please fill out the contact form on the EVERFIELD PRESS website at Porter


Emotatudes can get even the most reluctant reader interested in books. But WHY do we feel the way we do? This interactive presentation will have students paint their feelings and play the ‘Dealing with Feelings’ Game.  Students throw a fluffy small ‘Emotatude’ on the feeling wheel and then paint the feeling it lands on.  Each student gets a chance to play the game.  Karen gives each student an award after they share their painting of the way they feel inside. These paintings are used to investigate the specific tools and strategies writers use to express feelings. Kids will be ready to paint their feelings, and develop characters that have these feelings as a result! Best suited for grades  K-3 or large assemblies cannot have every child participate in the dealing with feelings game. 45 min.

From Nonfiction to Fiction. The ‘dealing with feelings’ game- the presentation is suitable for students in grades 2-5. Students will learn the research/inquiry steps behind writing a book revealing the differences (and similarities) between the processes of writing fiction and nonfiction. Karen discusses the difference between real and imaginary as it relates to her fictional characters. They will also hear the real-life story that inspired her fictional emotatude series that sprang from an idea and developed into publication. Entertaining and educational, this is one of Karen’s highest-rated presentations. Length: 45-60 minutes (includes time for Q&A). This presentation also works with large assemblies or smaller groups.


I’ve done my best to keep my rates affordable. I understand the burden that schools and libraries face when it comes to budgets. I respect and admire all who work with kids and books and appreciate the mutual respect for my profession. FREE – Skype Visit (10 minutes of Q&A – class should be prepared/have read books in advance) FREE – Storytime/signing at a local bookstore, when Karen is already planning to be in the area $150 – single large-group presentation plus questions, signing, or social (for local events only or as an add-on to an existing out-of-area trip) $250 – half-day (~3 hours / 1-2 large-group presentations + signing or up to 3 single-class presentations) $400 – full-day (~6 hours / 3-4 large-group presentations + signing or up to 5 single-class presentations) PLEASE ASK ABOUT LOCAL (Gainesville), IN-STATE (Florida), or MULTI-DAY VISIT DISCOUNTS. *SPECIAL EVENT* MARCH 15 – MAY 15, 2019 – SEE FLYER FOR “EMOTATUDE” TOUR DATES. *Rates are based on presentations being in the same building/location, and do not include travel costs such as mileage, flight, hotel, or car rental. See contact info below and let us know if you need to work within a certain budget. We can be flexible! 


  1. Apply for for a chance to win a free author visit + $300 worth of books
  2. Check Karen’s event calendar at and book her when she’s already planning to be in your area to save on travel costs
  3. Share travel costs with other schools, libraries, or daycares in your district and book multiple events in the same day/week for discounted daily rates
  4. Book Karen Porter & Another Author together! They’ll offer a discounted rate plus share one hotel room. They can visit different classrooms or present together depending on your school district’s needs
  5. Raise funds through book sales – schools will get a significant discount when ordering through Karen’s publisher Everfield Press and Karen will sign/personalize each book for your students
  6. Ask the Parent/Teacher Association or other special interest club/fund for assistance
  7. Apply for a community or educational grant from local organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimists, etc.)
  8. Book an Authors For International Happiness Day event with Karen, and she’ll donate 50-100% to a charity chosen by your student body
  9. Choose a low-cost (or no-cost) Skype visit READY TO BOOK? Dates are secured through filling out the contact form on the Everfieldpress website, or by sending your organization’s standard speaker contract

Book Tour Coming in Spring 2019 Here’s your chance to meet Dr. Kich the famous Emotatude Doctor in the Emotatude Series As outlined in the upcoming book by Karen Porter, Dr. Kich is identifying various emotatudes and researching them in his imaginary laboratory. He inspires everyone to get to know their feelings more.

Your school, library, or organization can be a part of this important work during the “International Happiness” tour from March 15-May 15, 2019. Host an event, sponsor travel or meals, or spread the word to audiences about opportunities to support and become involved in building an understanding of our inner space. Honor Emotions and build a compassionate community! Dr. Kich and the Emotatudes are available for